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Graffiti Artist Amaro Talks About Alternate Universes And India

Graffiti By Amaro along with Jefferson Cunha
Mural By Amaro along with Jefferson Cunha

Amaro Abreu is an amazing Brazilian graffiti artist.

I had the opportunity to meet him at IIT, Powai for Techfest 2018. He painted the main IIT wall along with graffiti artists Rikis, Lobster, NME and Mooz . After the festival , we got the boys to Marol Art Village . Soon enough , the  walls started became canvases for masterpieces inside Adarsh Nagar and Jabarpada. Amaro had a wonderful time exploring Mumbai with the local homeboys of Marol.

As he was leaving, we asked him to share our experiences with us . Here’s what he had to say!

Graffiti Painted by Amaro at the Festival Concreto- Fortaleza
Painted by Amaro at the Festival Concreto- Fortaleza

1.Where do you belong to? What do you do there?
I come from Porto Alegro in Brazil .Back home, I paint walls and also display my work at art exhibitions .When I’m not traveling , that is !

Painted by Amaro at the Festival Concreto- Fortaleza

2. How long have you been painting, what has your journey been like?
I have been painting since 2002.

I have painted and traveled to Chile, Bolivia, Argentina and Peru in South America. I also did commercial work there.
I have been invited to participate in Meeting of Styles in Germany. I had exhibition in France and Spain also.

I also participated in Lebanon and in street art festival in Cairo, Egypt.

3. How would you describe your style? What do you like to paint?
I was 6 years old when I first painted. I always had connection with drawing. I also connected with imaginary planets. So when I grew up, i started creating connection between these two worlds.

I started to invent parallel lives like how civilization on another planet evolves. That is my style now. I didn’t want to make what other people have made. I have a wish to find something peculiar.

I invented the entire world and other forms of life. In that planet there is no technology. There evolution is based on intense connection with the environment. Sometimes, here that is lost on our planet. Children grow up without contact with nature.

Graffiti by Amaro in Porto Alegre
Street art by Amaro in Porto Alegre

4. What brought you to India? How, Why?
I was travelling the world before this. I was in Cairo when I was invited by IIT Bombay to paint at the Techfest 2018.

For a long time, I have wanted to come to India since, it is very different from my city, country and continent. It is a contrast. It is like discovering something like another planet.
It is very inspiring since in my work I see a reflection. In my creative process, I like to create something new every time. I don’t like repetitive work otherwise it is like a stamp. It makes me challenge myself and surprise the people who follow my work.

Amaro and RIkis at Haji Ali, Mumbai
Amaro and RIkis at Haji Ali, Mumbai

5. Where did you paint  in India? How would you describe the experience?
After the Techfest, I painted at Aadarsh Nagar in Marol. It was great to meet Omkar and the Wicked Broz who have helped me.

The experience there was amazing because of the contrast of the religion, people and culture is very very strong. As I said, it was like discovering a new planet. Lot of people want to come there but they don’t feel safe because of the TV which sells fear about India.
They show that people fight over religion over there. But if you discover India for yourself you find something else. It’s beautiful.

Amaro pays tribute to the Aadivasis of Jabarpada with this mural
Amaro pays tribute to the Aadivasis of Jabarpada

6. What Indian thing or person caught your most attention ?
I don’t know about anything specific since everything was extremely new. But maybe the clothes were very beautiful, the faces were very beautiful. In movies they show something but in person it is something else. Very intense. The way people experience each other is
something incredible.

7. What is your greatest learning about art that you want to share with Indian graffiti artists?
The experience of India has been so so strong for me. I don’t know if there is any technique I like to teach but I just want to say that each artist must start to travel. It is a better way to developing ourselves. A good artist is the artist that gets intense experiences in life. That’s when you get to transform it in an art piece. Travel is good for developing the soul.

Mural Painted at Zacatecas, México  2015  with Emmanuel Dux
Painted at Zacatecas, México 2015 with Emmanuel Dux

8. When you went back from India , what did you take home for friends?
I didnt have any specific things in mind since after such a long travel many things had changed. After going back I went to meet friends and meet the family.
The Brazilian projects start in New Year so I was just back in time !

9. Is there any place where your work got featured? Where can people follow your art?
My work is most in Brazil. That’s where I have grown up. But you can find it in South America, Europe, Middle East and now India also.

My social media links are here and you can follow my new stuff:

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