LIVE Graffiti For Events – Smartwater India At LFW20

LIVE graffiti for events works like a charm. One such story is that of Smartwater India at Lakme Fashion Week.

In Feb 2020, we got an interesting opportunity to paint 4 canvases LIVE over 4 days at the Lakme fashion week. 4 different concepts were prepared, depicting uniqueness in full blown graffiti style.

Who better to execute this, than Mumbai’s famed graffiti duo Mooz and NME. What resulted was, the Smartwater kiosk being one of the most photographed sections at the Lakme fashion week.

LIVE Graffiti Helped Create A Selfie Point

We had lots of time to plan this activity. That’s one of the main things people need to understand. 

Doing graffiti freehand in a LIVE environment does not mean that you go freestyle. Specially when it comes to brand events. You sketch out your idea and get it approved. It helps us avoid ambiguity or confusion during the execution. Costs a little bit more and requires a bit more effort, but keeps everyone happy.

Faced with creating 4 different artworks, we tried keeping each one fresh. Integrating the Smartwater bottle in as many ways as possible and trying to make 3D graffiti so that it turns the stall into a selfie point. It helped that it was Lakme Fashion Week. India’s top models make for ideal subjects for photographs. 

Scroll down below and check out the results.

wall art where models pose at jio world drive lakme fashion week 2020 with smartwater 3d graffiti done by wicked broz
3d graffiti in india at lakme fashion week for smartwater india
model posing at live graffiti for lakme fashion smart water event
male model posing in front of graffiti by wicked broz at lakme fashion week
model drinking smart water at lakme fashion event posing at live graffiti designed by wickedbroz artist

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