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Street Art in Mumbai has quite a few homes and this is our effort at making our hood Mumbai 59 – Wicked!

Since, 2015 we’ve had numerous graffiti artists from across the globe come here and paint and the movement has now spread out to the residential societies of Marol. Many other artforms and activities have become part of our community efforts. Artists from Marol and the rest of Mumbai are regularly joining hands to rejuvinate the spirit of togetherness in Marol and spread the same vibes throughout the rest of Mumbai. Scroll down and discover the hotspots and activities.

Wall Of Fame - Everyone Can Paint Here

Almost a kilometer of no holds barred tags, throwies and pieces in Mumbai.

The first piece that was ever made in Marol was a dedication to Bboy Keith by his friend Lobster Graffiti. Since then, the discovery of this wall by other graffiti artists opened the doors to a wide variety of styles that have been witnessed here. Buyu, Tyler Street Art, Zake, NME, Mooz, Krantinaari, Anpu Varkey, the credits list is long and full of the who’s who of the graffiti scene. 

The location on the map here is an approximation. A bicycle or some mode of transport is recommended for this leg of the Marol Art Village tour.

Graffiti Chill Spot - Aadharsh Nagar Area

Graffiti is globally recognized as a form of art that represents the under represented. In that respect, Aadarsh Nagar, the home to a tribal community from before Marol became Marol and swallowed this village whole, is a accidental but proud homage to the locals. 

Stuck between high rise societies on either side, it is now a thoroughfare for most but every once in a while a new graffiti artist is passing by and decides to leave a mark in this chill spot for the Wicked Broz family. 

Psylesh Sailkar is the local custodian of the Aadarsh Nagar area. Best to ask for him when visiting. You might also want to say hello to the artists at Tattoo Station that are headquartered here.

Bharat Van - The Creative Capital of Mumbai

If there was one BMC property that was being properly used in Mumbai – its Bharat Van.

Originally an abandoned quarry, it was turned into an urban forest under the leadership of MRRWA, Military Road Residents Welfare Association in 1998. 

Since, then joggers park as it is often called has been used for walking, yoga and group laughter activities. 

Every since we launched 2019 though, every Sunday, we have an open rap cypher coupled with slacklining, beatboxing and a host of other hip hop activities.

During major events like Ladies First Street Art, it becomes our focal point for film screenings and workshops.

It has been featured in many music videos due to the abundant street art spread across the 1 acre park.

East Indian Vibes at The Gaothan Project

Like the tribals of Aadarsh Nagar, there is another community in Marol that is older than Marol itself – The Oleria in Gaothaon that is 500 years old. A small community with old world houses and cobbled streets around the St John Church, it has somehow got lost in the hustle bustle of the city that sprang up around it.

The street art project that took place here in early 2021 was a collaboration of the citizens with the Wicked Broz street art community to take a look at the past. Scenes of its old streets, lifestyle and wildlife were painted by artists like Paragi Manjrekar, Vritti Kotian, Krypt One, Vexicus, Aulac and Jisha Madai among others. 

Reach out to Mr Brian Pereira once you are here and he’ll be happy to give you a tour.


Like Aadarsh Nagar, Jabarpada too is an old tribal village forgotten in the heart of Marol. Just about a group of 50 shanties, it is situated right behind Kateeleshwari restaurant on Military road and hence also it’s name – Kattu. 

Artists like Epoc, Amaro Abreu, Rikis DSantander, Annelisa Leinbach, Avantika Mathur along with our Wicked Broz Omkar Dhareshwar and Zain Siddiqui have left pieces here. 

A nice chill spot in the evening to take a breather on your walk.

The Spirit of Graffiti at Eco-Park Society

In 2015, the Keep It Real crew from Brazil visited Eco Park. In one day of fun they infused the society with the spirit of graffiti but on the wall and in the hearts of those who were present.

This is the home of the Wicked Broz. Aptly so.

Since then, the graffiti has been replaced with many different layers of new pieces by Kirian, Lobster, Buyu, Lena McCarthy, Aftab Ahmed and Jester among others.

It has also been venue to many graffiti workshops and has been featured in documentaries and music videos about street art in Mumbai.

Seek permission before you visit from Omkar Dhareshwar at Wicked Broz. This is a gated society with security at the main gate. Everyone is not allowed.

A Cultural Revolution In Mumbai

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I met Zain Siddiqui for the first time in 2009, in my first week of engineering college in Lonavla. He was my senior, but our common love for football and good music brought us together.
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