The Art Of Online Marketing - How To Sell Art Online

How to sell art online is a difficult question to answer for many beginners.

As part of our community initiatives with Wicked Broz, we launched the Art of Online Marketing during the pandemic when offline work was hard to come by.

It is a series of workshops that focus on specific techniques of online marketing like portfolio building through websites, listing on art related e-commerce sites, social media outreach, search engine marketing, email and chat marketing.

Build An Online Portfolio for Free

An artists portfolio is a make or break factor in a client deal. When you ask the question, how to sell art online, portfolio building is literally the first thing you have to focus on to showcase your capabilities.

For serious visual artists the question is more around the experience they can offer around their paintings and for creatives who want to freelance with their artistic talents, the question is more around the variety they can offer in the initial days.

While, Deviant Art and Behance are great websites to build free online portfolios and are the industry standard, many artists are relying solely on social media platforms like Instagram and Pinterest that act like online portfolios. 

The face remains however, that platforms like Wix, Squarespace and Weebly not only offer standard templates to get started but also offer much more customization in terms of web forms, testimonial sharing and more compared to Behance and other social platforms. 

For those interested in going a step beyond, there is always WordPress.

1000+ Happy Artists In More Than 10 Sessions

The format of the workshops will be offline. The idea being that artists would much prefer learning face to face and in a calm and serene environment around other like minded creatives.

Currently we have identified the following sessions that are being conducted from time to time:

  • How to improve your communication skills
  • Creating a portfolio website
  • Running social media ads to get reach and engagement
  • Growing Instagram followers
  • E-commerce for artists


To sign up and be part of these sessions you can fill the form below and we will inform you of the dates for the next session.

paragi manjrekar sharing views on art of online marketing

My work gets mostly sold by word of mouth. I always felt it weird to self promote in person. So connecting with Mooch and understanding the power of bindass follow karne bolo is my take away.

Paragi Manjrekar (@art.meowseum)

Art Therapist

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Interested in
this workshop?