Wall Art Campaign with Hobby Ideas India

Fevicryl is one of the biggest stationary and art supplies manufacturers in India. Their handle on social media ‘Hobby Ideas India’ has one of the largest communities of amateur artists following them (9 lakh and counting). In Nov 2020, Fevicryl initiated #MyHappyWall – a wall art campaign to promote wall art within homes.

Online Wall Art Workshop Series

The brand team got in touch with Wicked Broz and asked us on what are the best ways to engage audiences into making wall art online. To no one’s surprise, we all decided to conduct a series of LIVE sessions on social media that showcased from scratch how a wall art is made. It would not be able to have the learning that the touch and feel of an offline street art workshop could have had, but that was the challenge before us. How could we replicate some of that magic online.

In over 4 months of the wall art campaign, we conducted 12 such sessions. Yogi Kumar was the mentor for portrait workshop, flamengo workshop, Buddha wall art workshop and stencil workshop. Aftab Ahmed led the pop art workshop, Avantika Mathur took up a session on surrealist wall art and Letteringbuff was the ideal person for the calligraphy wall art workshop.

Also, Om sir and Ratan sir, the OGs of Rajasthani miniature murals joined us from Jodhpur. Thanks to Art C foundation. Jeneesh showed us how to paint traditional Kerala murals and our very own Krypt One conducted a session on Kawai doodles.

Each artist was the expert in their own field. The best part was that all of them are present in our Wicked Broz street art community and this became an ideal opportunity for us to bring them all together under the same wall art campaign.

LetteringBuff aka Inpreet Kaur going LIVE for Hobby Ideas India and teaching her beautiful calligraphy technique and wall art
El Chapo with his Derek Laufman inspired Deadpool Doodle wall art
El Chapo with his Derek Laufman inspired Deadpool Doodle
Artist Yogi Kumar with wall art of Buddha
Artist Yogi Kumar with posing with his finished mural of Buddha
Rajasthani miniature wall art by artists Ratan and Om
Ratan Sir and Om Sir from Jodhpur with their Rajasthani miniature wall art
LetteringBuff aka Inpreet flaunting her calligraphy wall art
LetteringBuff Aka Inpreet happy with her calligraphy tutorial

Wall Talk - Interviews With Top Street Artists

To inspire young wall artists to pick up the brush and paint on walls, another idea that was part of the #MyHappyWall campaign was to interview experienced artists.

Wicked Broz being the community partner here helped connect Hobby Ideas India with our old friend Amaro, the dreamy illustrator/street artist from Brazil. He shared his vision of a parallel universe inspired by nature and how he found freedom on walls.

In another session, Avantika Mathur opened up about her inspiration behind the surrealism in her art and how she channels her inner feminist into her art pieces.

Eventually, Hobby Ideas India converted the wall art campaign into an open contest. It saw thousands of entries of wall decor, large and small, from people who had painted their home walls. We cross-promoted this on our own handle and in our WhatsApp communities and rounded off what was an important exercise in promoting wall art in India.

We are proud to have been part of a wall art campaign like this. It encouraged people to learn how to paint on walls and spread the spirit of street art.

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