Graffiti Workshop in Mumbai is a hit, spray can magic entrances all

2019 is off to a flying start. Eco-Park society in Military Road, Marol hosted yet another graffiti workshop by Wicked Broz. Past Sunday on 27th Jan, more than 30 participants of all ages took part in a four hour fun learning session led by NME graffiti.

It wasn’t the first ever graffiti workshop that we have done, but this one happened after a long pause, giving us all a reason to be truly happy in the new year.

About NME

NME is one of India’s most prolific graffiti artists having performed for NH7, Tetrapack, Gibson among others. His artwork headlines the promotions for the upcoming movie Gully Boy. So it was not a surprise when we registered 23 paying participants without having to shed a marketing dollar. All we needed was a cool poster. Grin. The workshop was free for children belonging to the Eco-Park society premises.

Graffiti history

The workshop started at 10 am with participants watching a few video clips of the history of graffiti and hip hop. NME told them the story of how it came to India and what has he been upto for the past few years.


After this initial introduction, it was time to explain lettering of graffiti fonts. The basics of how to draw shapes inside letters and make them look. Graffiti is a font based expression and this is an absolute crucial thing to master on the notebook before you move to the wall.

Swipe through the picture album on our Instgram here to see some good clicks of the graffiti workshop in action.

Spray Can painting

After an indoor session it was time to head to the pool area in Eco-Park and do some actual graffiti. NME created the outlines of what we call a ‘piece’ and had participants take turns to use spray cans and try and fill it in with colors. This is where the use of highlights and shadows on letters which participants learnt to draw on paper came in handy.

The final piece was nothing short of ‘Jazz’.

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