Graffiti Contest For Breezer Vivid Shuffle 4.0

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Breezer Vivid Shuffle is India’s first hip hop league. In the 4th edition of its annual competition, the league went digital keeping in mind the Corona pandemic. Despite these challenges, the graffiti contest that we conducted with them brought out the best of the country’s graffiti talent.

Graffiti Contest for Breezer Vivid Shuffle
The Breezer Vivid Shuffle graffiti by Aulac at Bharat Van, Marol

Community Partner for BVS 4.0

Wicked Broz was brought onboard as the graffiti partner to popularize the league among graffiti artists across India. It was the first time graffiti became part of the mix where already breaking, popping and rapping were the mainstays.

As part of the initial push, to encourage participation in the qualification rounds of the nearly month-long graffiti contest event, we used Instagram postings and our extensive networks in the graffiti scene and our Wicked Broz street art community WhatsApp groups.

We also went LIVE on the Breezer Vivid Shuffle handle gave a tour of the Sunday activities at Marol Art Village.


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Graffiti Contest On Instagram

As part of this final push, we organized a graffiti contest that saw more than 50 short videos, reels and IGTV entries by graffiti artists across India. Very imaginatively we called it, you guessed it – Graffiti Video Contest.

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A cash prize of Rs 5,000 was a good motivation for the artists who could either create a new video for the contest or even use some older videos for the purpose. Over a 100,000 earned impressions were created through our online contest on social media.

Everyone worth his salt in the Indian graffiti scene was out there to prove a point. We even got entries from artists who were not really into graffiti but more into murals and street art. Everyone had a go at it. Check out some of the most awesome results.

Vijz, the graffiti legend from Chennai along with Bhumesh Das, our video guide were the judges. After a weeks toil to find the most deserving candidate, they finally settled on the winner – Stanlee graffiti.

True Partners Till The End

In the next round of graffiti contest 8 artists were shortlisted and Wicked Broz took active part in promoting them on our Instagram.

Our co-founder Omkar was also the host of a few episodes of Now We Here where he interviewed the judge Daku and some of the previous winners of BVS like Bboy Flying Machine.

Not just this, we also facilitated Marol Art Village as a location for a number of shoots for Breezer Vivid Shuffle such as this one for one of their showcase acts before the finale.

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The finals took place in February of 2021 and 4 graffiti artists went head to head as part of their teams that consisted of rappers, breakers and poppers. 

Breezer Vivid Shuffle 4.0 was a celebration of Indian Hip Hop and went a step further to bring the emerging forms of expression to a larger number of Indians. The scene has just begun.

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