Indian Graffiti Diary 2018

Wicked Broz is India’s first graffiti agency. We work with some of the best Indian graffiti talents and in 2018 we exceeded our own expectations. We planned to do 10,000 sqft of walls. We ended up doing 15,000+ sqft.

Not just quantity, quality art was at display wherever we went. Happy clients and happy passerby. While we are busy planning some big surprises this year, it’s time to honor some of our legendary pieces of 2018.
Some projects stood out more than the rest and here we present the absolute best of the best.

Street of Styles, April 2018

In 2017, Zake became the first Indian graffiti artist to be invited to the Street of Styles festival in Curitiba, Brazil. In 2018, he returned to Curitiba but this time with three more of the best and brightest that India has to offer. Indian graffiti artists MoozNME and Zero combined with Zake to present a fascinating display of Indian style graffiti at one of South America’s premier gathering of Hip Hop and graffiti artists.

It wasn’t just about Street of Styles. They had a lot of fun too on that one month long trip across Brazil. There was an awesome article written about the trip by the well known blogger The Roving Heart and a video made by MoveMentals production to document it all. Watch it here.

Control Union, June 2018

The thing in working with Wicked Broz is that we go out of our way to find projects and clients that allow artists to implement their style as much as possible. The cafeteria at Control Union became the perfect canvas for Zake to show industrial workers how fun graffiti can be. Proof? These pictures.


Indore Smart City, June 2018

The Indore Smart City called us to tell a story on the walls of Indore. Enter Zake, Flyin MunkiDibsEpocRez and NME. The Wicked crew transformed the walls of Shri Atal Bihari College near Bhawarkuan in 7 days into an epic tale of the progress of man from the age of ignorance across the sea of knowledge into the modern day space age of Indore.

Blacklisted, August 2018

A posh lounge in Andheri, Blacklisted was one of the most fun projects to work on for us in 2018 just for the simple reason that what the client wanted was exactly what we wanted too – Freedom to go wild. Zake was on the case. He spit out anamorphic designs, hyper-realistic portraits, 3D portraits and what came out was nothing short of magic.

Sammy Sosa, Sep – Dec 2018

Sugar Skulls have been popular in Mexico since the medieval ages. Made of edible products they were used as offerings to the dead. It is seen most during the Día de Muertos or Day of the Dead celebrations every year where people do makeup on this theme.

We did two projects with the Mexican cuisine place @sammysosarestaurant. After their success in Oshiwara where Zake set the pace, they decided to open the new @sammysosamalad in Malad and boy did the art come out good with Afzan Pirzade putting in some serious time. We wish them the best of luck for the new place and hope the art makes the customers keep coming back for more. To the wicked vibes!

Paint My City, Oct 2018

The Paint My City campaign deserves a blog post on it’s own. If you will read this blog after a few months maybe you will find a hyperlink here to that blog. The amount of hardwork and patience required to paint just this one piece for our team in Allahabad and now Prayagraj was just at an another level. We have not seen a city so terribly torn down just so that it could be made back again. Preparations for Kumbh 2019 threw the city into chaos and yet in that dust and chaos, we survived and came out with this. Salute to the entire crew who was there – Afzan Pirzade, LobsterApka BobbySiddhant DuttaMandar PiseHimeshVPandeyRapFreakOmkar DhareshwarShailesh Sailkar and Zain Siddiqui. Thank you to Ashutosh Chaudhary for the opportunity and faith in us.

choupthaka choraha gt road prayagraj street art afzan wicked broz paint my city kumbh 2019
choupthaka choraha gt road prayagraj street art afzan wicked broz paint my city kumbh 2019

Jabalpur Street Art Festival, November 2018

The Jabalpur Street Art Festival organized by Jabalpur Smart City Ltd was one a kind. Afzan, Rikis DSantander, Dibs and Epoc joined more than 200 artists from across India to create a riot of colours in this amazing city in central India. What stood most for us was the herculean effort put in by Afzan to create this masterpiece in one day flat. What deserves a mention is difficulty of painting this piece keeping in mind the twisted bamboo scaffolding that was put in place. Ladies and gentlemen, presenting –

Techfest – IIT Bombay, December 2018

Every year, since 2015, Wicked Broz has been representing India at Techfest in IIT Bombay, Asia’s largest student festival. This year again we stunned the crowd with a collaboration between Amaro from Brazil, Rikis DSantander from Chile and Lobster, NME, Mooz, Dexter and Fe.One. The theme of the festival was a Space Timelapse.

Some big things are in the pipeline for 2019. Loads of artist interviews, graffiti workshops, Indian graffiti and street art festivals and an art district. We will keep you updated on our Instagram channel as we go to another level. I leave you with this quote by the master.

“People say graffiti is ugly, irresponsible and childish… but that’s only if it’s done properly.”
― Banksy,Wall and Piece

Share this article with your friends and let them know that Indian graffiti is not in it’s nascent stage. It’s a full blown storm coming your way.

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