The best graffiti pieces in 2017

With more and more artists joining the bandwagon and showcasing their talents on walls across the country, 2017 was a big year for graffiti in India. As Wicked Broz, we saw a rise in the number of projects that came our way and the level of art that went up definitely was something for us to be proud of. So with 2017 coming to a close it’s time for us to reflect back. Here we have taken up the difficult task of choosing 5 of the best graffiti pieces in 2017 by our artists.

Osho by Zake

A spiritual connection can be felt with this one. Zake’s quest for hyperrealism led to this dedication to Osho in the heart of Koregaon Park at Backpacker Panda in Pune

Thanos by Mooz

This 10 feet high Thanos at KEM hospital road in Parel is an absolute stunner

This collaboration by Zake

This piece is something all Indians should be proud of. A collaboration between Zake, Jean Poul and Ernesto Mike Charlie in the favela of Rio de Janeiro

Eyes of the Tiger by Mooz

Mooz took his game to another level this year with this magnificent pair of eyes of a tiger at Backpacker Heaven in Pahadganj (Delhi)

Stages of madness by Zake

Simply wicked. Jokers across the ages starting with Cesar Romero, Jack Nicholson, Heath Ledger and Jared Leto at West Coast Grill Airoli restaurant in Navi Mumbai

Looks like Zake and Mooz dominated the scene huh! Wait till next year and you will see that others are not far behind. Hope you liked 5 of the best graffiti pieces of 2017. Share this with your friends and spread the word.

Happy New Year!

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