WASSUP! – Our 1st Viral Video – Have You Watched It Yet?

100,000 views on WASSUP – our rap video production featuring MC Altaf and Jay Kila ft. Ranveer Singh

The reason you keep seeing announcements like this from me every now and then is that I like to share our small successes like this with you, our extended family.

Wicked Broz has for long believed that nothing is a waste of time. Art in every form will find a way to give meaning to our lives.

In January 2017, a young boy named Altaf from Dharavi called us asking for help. He had been rapping in Hindi for quite some time but just din’t know how to launch himself into the emerging hip hop scene in India. Someone had told him that Wicked Broz work with young graffiti writers and hip hop artists. Honestly though, we hadn’t really experimented with anything hip hop outside of graffiti.

Fast forward June 2018 – WASSUP, our first rap production featuring MC Altaf and his friend Jay Kila. Jay is a New York based young rapper trying to find his feet in Mumbai. The two teamed up to come up with a unique blend of Hindi and English lyrics to express the feelings of the youth in the city. They invited fellow rappers Tony Sebastian, Yogesh Kurme aka Yoku Big, Aditya Vhatkar aka Crackpot, David Klyton aka Mr.Scam, and Smokinskillz crew b-boy Star – Gaurav Dabhi b-boy Era – Pranay Kahera to feature in the final video.

Now here is the twist. Zoya Akhtar’s soon to be released ‘Gully Boy’ revolves around the desi hip hop scene. Ranveer Singh has a soft corner for hip hop and so it was no surprise seeing him being cast in the leading role. Your boy Altaf who by a stroke of luck was writing few of the dialogues for the movie met Ranveer on the sets and asked him if he would like to feature in his upcoming music video. With some food sponsorship from Eva’s Pizza, merchandising from Urban Monkey and a very close group of collaborators like video producer – Bhumesh Das and music producer – Udayan Dharmadhikari, we managed to give Altaf his first music video – WASSUP.

Within three months of its release, ‘WASSUP’ has crossed 100,000 views. Have you watched it yet?

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