Welcome to the revamped Wicked Broz website

Sup wicked fellows!

It gives me great pleasure to announce that Wicked Broz has a new website that reflects who we are.

Here is some good news. We’ve been busy the past couple of months. Lots of changes are happening at Wicked Broz. A slick new Wicked Broz website being the first thing.

Check out the brand new version of We’ve tried to keep it simple. You’ll find some stand out pieces by our star artists. A bit about the graffiti stars Zake, Mooz and NME whom we represent and information about graffiti workshops that we can conduct for you and your friends. There is also a section about some of our international graffiti friends whose work we’d like to highlight.

So yeah, enough said. Head over to the link provided and share it with your friends. Spread the word. Wicked Broz are ready to take injecting art into everything to the next level.

– Omkar Dhareshwar,
CEO and Co-founder,
Wicked Broz

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